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About Our Chai


Husband and Wife, David and Rio, travelled and searched the world for several years to develop
their recipe based on 5000 year old traditional Masala Chai.

Base ingredients are Cinnamon Cardamom Cloves Ginger Nutmeg and Black Tea.

The Worlds best selling, most awarded Chai flavours are named after endangered or mistreated
species hence:

Tiger Spice

Elephant Vanilla ( with Vanilla Bean)

Orca spice sugar free ( Splenda No Aspartames)

Flamingo Vanilla ( Decaf and Sugar Free)

Power Chai ( Japanese Matcha ceremonial Green Tea)

Power Chai is named in reference to the global community being able to make changes for the
common good.

David-Rio contributes a portion of their profits to organisations that care and protect these species.

David And Rio recently started a retirement farm for old racing greyhounds to enjoy. Greyhounds
generally after 2 years of racing have a horrible or limited existence.

David Rio are a Ethically, environmentally and community focused worldwide responsible

Recently changed packaging has effectively reduced landfill waste by 25 Tonnes per year.

They employ mentally and physically disabled staff.

Chai means tea in many cultures.
Chai - a creamy exotic relaxing blend of tea and spices.
Chai is the 2nd biggest selling hot beverage.

NO Trans Fats
NO Cholesterol
NO quick dissolving additives
SUGAR FREE Splenda NOT equal/aspartame ( Orca and Flamingo )

Best served 1 HEAPED TABLESPOON ( Just 12 Grams ) and steamed or warmed milk. (8oz Standard Cup Serve)
Creamer allows it to be enjoyed with just hot water
Iced is very nice- fill glass with ice and milk, add 2 TABLESPOONS of Chai and blend.
Make a Chaiccino or Dirty Chai – your coffee with a teaspoon of Chai
Make banana style bread with chai in the mixture before baking

A portion of profits are donated to https://www.ifaw.org/au. The leading International Fund for Animal Welfare


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